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How Much Are Car Accident and Disability Settlements in Ontario?

Every year, many Ontarians suffer injuries due to motor vehicle accidents caused by the negligent of others. If this is your case, you may be entitled for compensation. Ontario regulatory scheme protects Ontarians by making certain that there will always an insurer that will be liable to pay for such compensation. This is so regardless if you are yourself insured or not, and regardless if the person that caused the injuries is known or not.

Insurers often prefer to pay a lump sum to the injured person to settle the matter out of court, so that they avoid the costs and uncertainties of litigation. Different factors go into the determination of the settlement such as the severity of the injuries sustained, how much income was lost, etc. Each case is different – to know how much your claim is likely to settle for CALL US NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION


This case involved a 24-year-old man who was a passenger in his girlfriends car.  They got into a heated argument during the drive and she threatened to crash the car and kill they both.  Afraid for his life, he jumped from the moving vehicle and hit the pavement while the car was still in motion.   We were able to establish that the injuries he sustained were a direct result of his girlfriends actions, and that he had to jump from the car since he felt that his life was in danger. 


This case involved a 23-year-old dental hygienist who suffered a severe shoulder injury in a car accident.  She was left with chronic shoulder pain as a result of the injury, which impacted her ability to work as a dental hygienist.  She was able to continue working, but only as a receptionist at the dental office, and for considerably less pay that she would have made as a hygienist.  The settlement money helped her start up her own dental hygienist business, where she was able to work in a managerial role, without the physical demands of being a hygienist.


This case involved a for a 61-year-old man who suffered a head injury in a car accident.  This case was notable in that the impact of the collision was very minor.  There was dash-cam video available from our client’s car that showed what appeared to be a very minor rear-end collision.  Neither vehicle showed any visible damage.  Nonetheless, due to our clients pre-existing osteoporosis, the accident caused a severe head injury that left him with a permanent vestibular impairment.  The settlement money allowed him to hire the necessary caregivers and to renovate his house to provide for a more comfortable living environment that could accommodate his impairments.


This case involved a 39-year-old man injured in a motorcycle accident.  Our client was heading straight down a side street with the right of way, when a car made a left turn in from of him.  He was unable to stop in time to avoid the car, and instead spun out and crashed into the side of the car.  The other driver swore that she never saw him coming, which highlights the inherent danger of motorcycle driving.  He suffered serious injuries, and a lengthy hospitalization. The settlement funds helped him get back on his feet and helped him start a business that would provide him financial stability into the future.


This case involved a 65-year-old lady who was seriously injured as a passenger in her husbands car on Highway 401 in Toronto.  There was a heated dispute about which driver was at fault for the accident, and she was forced to name her own husband as a defendant to the lawsuit.  Despite the fact that she had many pre-accident health problems, the lawyers at Lang Lawyers were able to establish that the car accident caused her inability to carry on her normal activities of daily living.


The plaintiff a 24-year-old, without post-secondary education, with pre-MVA income of $30,000 per year working as a bartender. The Plaintiff suffered catastrophic physical and psychological injuries as a result of an MVA that left him 12 days in comma.


The Plaintiff was driving a car across an intersection when a car that was coming from the opposite direction made a left turn and hit the Plaintiff’s car. The Plaintiff hit her left shoulder and left side of her head against the door on the driver’s side. Her body injuries involved her arms, upper back, mid back, lower back, neck, shoulders, thighs. In addition, she suffered dizziness, insomnia, headaches and nausea. She also lost income as she could not perform her job as a dental hygienist. She was forced to accept a receptionist job instead, with a lower salary.


This case involved a 45-year-old police officer was injured in a head-on car accident, together with his wife and child.   He was able to return to work after the accident, but due to the concussion he suffered, he was no longer able to carry a gun – which meant that he could no longer do privately paid duties, and was only to work at a desk job in the police headquarters.  This settlement helped compensate for the income that he lost, as well money for future medical treatment and compensation for his pain and suffering.


This case involved a 28-year-old medical receptionist who suffered from chronic pain as a result of a car accident.  Liability was contested in this case, as the truck that hit her claimed that she cut into his lane in such a way that he was unable to avoid the collision.  As well, there was minimal property damage to our client’s vehicle, which raised the question of whether the accident actually caused her injuries. With the help of a forensic engineer, we were able to prove that the other driver was at fault for the collision, and that her chronic pain was a direct result of the collision.  


This case involved a 20-year-old lady from Michigan who was visiting Ontario for a motorcycle convention.  She was struck from behind on Highway 401 and was knocked off her motorcycle and onto the highway.  She suffered a broken wrist, and many bruises and lacerations.  She was forced to miss a semester of university while she recovered from her injuries, which included surgery for her wrist.  This settlement helped compensate her for her delayed entry into the workforce, as well for her medical expenses and her pain and suffering. 


This case involved a 43-year-old elementary school teacher who suffered from depression as a result of multiple miscarriages and an inability to have children.  Despite her efforts to continue teaching, her depression made it impossible for her to continue as a full-time teacher.  She was able to teach on a part time basis, but not enough to be considered “gainfully employed” according to the terms of her long-term disability policy.  Her claim was initially denied on the grounds that she was not totally disabled, but with the help of the Lang Lawyers team, she was able to prove that her disability was serious and did in fact prevent her from returning to her occupation as a teacher. 


 This Long-Term Disability case involved a 57-year-old paramedic with 30 years of service, who became unable to work due to psychological impairment.  He suffered from PTSD, depression and anxiety, in large part due to the trauma that he had witnesses over his decades of working as a paramedic.  His insurer initially denied his claim, and vigorously defended the lawsuit brought against them by Lang Lawyers, arguing that his disability was not that serious, and he was just suffering from regular workplace stress.  In the end, we were able to reach a fair settlement that gave him financial stability, peace of mind, and closure on a very difficult chapter in his life.

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